Environmental Sustainability Policy


The commitment is to a sustainable health system through efficient use of resources. Actions will be delivered through policy, upgraded design standards for construction and refurbishments, improved maintenance delivery programs and education programs for staff service providers and contractors.


  • Building partnerships internally and externally with suppliers and subcontractors to promote our sustainability initiatives
  • Research collaborative solutions and delivery of environmental sustainability outcomes
  • Work with suppliers/providers and contractors to establish requirements and assist them to reduce their environmental impact
  • Staff of all level’s engagement is vital to assist and reduce environmental impact.
  • Reuse, repurpose and recycle all construction wastes to best of our ability.
  • Conservation of our natural resources by reducing waste generation.


Our Sustainability Policy is based around the following principles: 

Maximize efficiency - reducing waste through efficient purchasing and processes including wasted resources (materials, energy, water), time and money. 

Minimize harm - minimizing harm to people, the community and the environment.


To maximize efficiency and minimize harm, we will take the following approaches: 

     − ensure compliance 

     − collaborate and build partnerships 

     − manage risks 

     − involve staff, communicate and consult 

     − evaluate & audit our processes 

     − educate and take action 

     − measure and manage

Managing Director

Charles Chen


Dated: September 2023